Lake Wales Worship Group

of the Religious Society of Friends  (Quakers)


All are welcome  to join us for unprogrammed Quaker Worship on Sunday mornings. We are a diverse and inclusive community of people who support each other in our spiritual journeys and work for positive change in the world.

Our meeting for worship is based in silence, with no sermon, ritual, or music. All are ministers, sharing in the silence and vocal ministry in worship. We have no need for clergy.

At the heart of the Quaker faith is the personal experience of an inward teacher, or Light Within—the source of spiritual growth, guidance and transformation that is present in all people, regardless of religion or culture. ‘That of God in everyone’ is a phrase often used by Friends. Relying on the experience and guidance of the Spirit, we have no need for a shared set of beliefs.

For Quakers, faith is about  how you live. Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Sustainability are our testimonies to living in the Light.

 Meets Sundays at 10:30 am

Contact us before coming; we occasionally meet elsewhere.

 Ridge Audubon Center, 200 North Crooked Lake Drive, Babson Park, FL 33827.

 863-635-9366 (Caroline)

 863-676-2199 (Catherine)

  Lake Wales Friends

Ridge Audubon Center

2000 North Crooked Lake Drive, Babson Park, FL 33827

At the corner of Scenic Highway (SR 17, US 27A) & North Crooked Lake Drive, on the north side of the village of Babson Park.


Meeting for Worship is an hour of silence where we take time out to listen to the inner guide, the Light within. There is no program, sermon, or ritual. At first it may seem that nothing is going on at all, but this is really an active form of worship where all are equal participants in the community.

Meeting begins as we quietly take our seats and ‘center down’ in silence, letting go of the busy thoughts that usually fill our attention. In the stillness, we seek deeper awareness of the life of spirit within. Some thoughts that arise will be distractions that can be set aside. Other thoughts, questions, or feelings come from a deeper source and can lead us in listening for clarity, guidance and peace.

Sometimes someone may feel led to stand and share a message with the group. These short, spoken phrases or stories are not an intellectual exercise, but are meant to arise from leadings of the Spirit. We listen with open minds, then return to the silence without responding.

Whether the meeting has spoken messages or is completely silent, in the stillness and depth we experience connection with the group and with the Spirit, Light, Source, God…Though each of us may use different language or names for the experience of the sacred, we are united in finding spiritual renewal, guidance, and support in our worship together as a community.

Meeting closes after about an hour when a designated Friend shakes hands with their neighbor. Then we all do the same.

You are invited to stay for coffee and conversation!

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Lake Wales Worship Group is affiliated with Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) and Friends General Conference (FGC). We are in the unprogrammed, or ‘liberal’ branch of the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers.

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